The Chingford Masjid has been established since the 90s and has been home to hundreds of worshippers in and around the Chingford area.

The masjid is the closest place of worship for muslims living in North & South Chingford as well as neighbouring towns such as Waltham Abbey.

There are approximately 200 muslim families living in and around the Chingford area. The masjid has seen a steady increase in the number of worshippers during the past few years.

Due to the increase in worshippers, the masjid holds 2-3 Jummah Jamats throughout the year.


Build a Mansion
in Jannah

We all know the hadith regarding the giving of wealth in the path of Allah.

If a muslim spends his money for the purposes of the masjid, Allah will build for him a mansion in the gardens of paradise.

Every muslim can spare a few pounds every week. Why not use the blessings of Friday to amplify your thawaab by donating to the masjid according to your means.



Attach Yourself With The Masjid

The one who's heart is attached to the masjid will be granted shade under the throne of Allah Ta'ala on the day of judgement.

The masjid is situated at:
92 Chingford Mount Road
E4 9AA

You can call the masjid at:- 020 8523 5826




You can download the current timetable here

You can also download the Masjid Timetable from the "Masjid Timetable" app available on Apple and Android App Stores.